"You really understood my financial needs as a woman."

About Woman's Worth

We don’t have to tell you that men and women are different, but nowhere are the differences more clear than in the areas of money and finance. That’s why Woman’s Worth® is here. We focus on working with women. We understand the emotional and even the physical health issues that women face when dealing with finances. And we can help.

Our range of financial services is offered in the context of each unique, individual woman we serve. Sometimes you need just the facts. Sometimes you’ll want someone to rejoice with. And sometimes you may need a shoulder to cry on. You will find all that and more at Woman’s Worth®.

We invite you to explore the services described on this site and make use of the information we offer. But most importantly, just know that we’re here. We can give you a renewed outlook on the life of the complete woman: mind, body, soul—and pocketbook. Your Financial Independence Awaits®.

Carla Chastain

Carla Chastain has been in the “providing retirement strategies” business for over 25 years—continuously striving to build a strong network of satisfied clients in the Northwest Arkansas area who need help in the financial services industry. To better serve her clients, Carla has worked to receive a Certified Financial Planner® certification.

The experience and knowledge Carla possesses has made her proficient in the creation of retirement income strategies, risk evaluation, tax minimization strategies and asset protection. Carla is also involved with "Safe Money Talk Radio" on KURM 790AM & KFAY 1030AM.

Carla's goal is simple—to help provide fulfillment for the visions, hopes and dreams of pre-retirees and retirees, and to find common sense strategies to help address their financial needs. Carla has built this company to reach those planning for retirement by offering informational workshops and sales seminars on how to protect life-styles going into and through those "golden years." She prides herself on being able to find and implement a balanced strategy that will help her clients achieve their objectives while feeling confident in their financial choices for retirement.

Carla proudly graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BS in Finance. She and her husband, Stephen, have three wonderful children and have been active members of the NWA area for over 20 years.

She recently joined Wealth & Wisdom—a growing group of professionals from across the country, who are deeply concerned about the direction the economy is headed and the impact it will have on everyone's financial future. The information they have to share is critical to preparing you for your future. As a Wealth & Wisdom educator, it is Carla's core belief that this information will affect your financial future dramatically. All Wealth & Wisdom presentations are educational in nature and do not discuss or solicit any financial products, however, insurance and annuity products may be discussed at a later appointment if one is made.

Our Team

Carla and Doug Anderson hosting their radio show “Safe Money Talk”